Funny know your memes

Knowing your memes is easier than you might think Know your meme is a guide to anyone who wants to dive deep into the world of viral memes or find definitions on ones that are not so well-known. This holy bible contains almost 3000 pages of confirmed history. If it wasn’t for this website finding […]


Funny Donald Trump birthday memes What’s the funniest birthday meme you’ve ever received? Probably something trendy and/or very personal. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a Donald Trump birthday meme? It may sound outrageous, but give yourself a little time to think about it.. Try making Donald Trump birthday meme […]

Ghetto birthday meme

Ghetto memes are centered around anything you can find in African-american suburbs, often through the eyes of stereotypical suburbs citizens. Common and frequently used subjects somehow revolve around drugs, shootings, rap culture or squads. Though they can be rough, the whole purpose is only having fun, never bashing and bullying someone addressing themselves as a […]

Ford meme: F is for funny

If trying hard enough it won’t be a problem tracing Ford memes till ancient history. Almost anyone heard at least one joke about these cars. Still, most of them are made in USA, where Ford controversies are up-to-date. First category:  jokes about how useless and flimsy these cars actually made. It’s hard to tell whether […]

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