The best 70s show burn memes

When used properly burn memes can be the funniest ones. It all started with an image of a burn treatment that said “apply cold water to burned area”. A piece of medical advice became a meme!

The feeling of a burn is disparaging when speaking figuratively. When somebody pisses someone off, the feeling of rage that someone has can be easily cured by “applying cold water to that burn”. Sadly, sometimes the phrase itself can burn someone even worse.

Burn memes

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On the other hand there is another way to use burn meme. When ranting about something use the word “BURN” in capital letters to show the unsettling feeling of unsatisfaction with the subject that you’re ranting about. It would still be funny to other people, though, and that’s why burn meme is hilarious.

Here you can find a lot of great examples of burn memes, be it monologue “burn” or dialogue “apply cold water to burned area”. Nowadays you can easily make people on the internet feel the burn whether you are a cold-hearted troll or simply truth-speaking, so the options for burn memes are endless!

Feel the burn with the burn memes
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Feel the burn with the burn memes
Make someone feel the burn or feel the burn yourself with our collection of exceptional burn memes!
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