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Nowadays it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t know who Pepe the Frog is. This green and originally Sad frog a.k.a Pepe meme was taking over the internet not so long ago. The best thing about Pepe is it’s versatility.  Whether it is sad, or angry, or sometimes flirty, finding a subject to joke on is easy for any group of people.

Pepe made hikikomori, slutty, smug, forever alone, raging and so on. In some cases Pepe meme almost replaced a lot of common memes used frequently.  Besides Pepe meme being loved and popular, it also draw a lot of negative attention. Some Pepe memes were so dark and twisted, that there would be a lot of offended people.

Pepe memes

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But if minor discontents were easy to forget, the latest and biggest meme scandal literally killed Pepe. We would think that jokes can be made on anything, but major alliances well-known nowadays, who don’t like to see any criticism, such as feminists plus presidential inauguration convinced the creator, Matt Fury, to kill him off.

Pepe the Frog was perceived as a face of antisemitism, nazism and strong patriarchy, though it’s never a good thing to convict a meme. Sad frog had it’s own funeral, but that won’t stop meme makers from making new Pepe memes. Here you can find a lot of Pepe memes which are enjoyable and not so offensive, try us out. Feels god, man!

The life of Pepe meme
Article Name
The life of Pepe meme
The rise of Pepe as a meme, some historical facts and the widest collection of Pepe memes
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