Donald Trump memes were originated long before the presidential race, as many of you might know. Being such a controversial person as he is, Donald Trump was a meme source a lot of times throughout his career. Due to his republican nature with lots of radical, even contradicting statements, possible memes were always there, though not so popular before the inauguration.

Donald Trump baby memes

donald trump baby meme  donald trump baby meme  donald trump royal baby meme   donald trump gold baby meme

Donald Trump birthday memes

donald trump birthday meme  donald trump birthday memes

Be it his hair, that sometimes look (or ARE) fake, or his strong belief in traditional marriage, hence him having three of them (which does not make any sense), Donald Trump memes are trending to this day, having a lot more to joke about with every press-conference or interview that he gives. Another great thing about Donald Trump memes is that they can be made in any country, since the persona is so well-known.

It’s better to have quality Donald Trump memes in one place, hence the world wide web collection is too big to process by oneself. Here you can find a wide arrange of Donald Trump memes of any era, including pre-presidential era, Cinco De Mayo era, “Build a Wall” presidential era and a lot more to come soon. Stay tuned!

The origin of Donald Trump memes
Article Name
The origin of Donald Trump memes
A brief history of Donald Trump becoming a meme and the best compilations of Donald Trump memes you can find out there
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