Ford meme: F is for funny

If trying hard enough it won’t be a problem tracing Ford memes till ancient history. Almost anyone heard at least one joke about these cars. Still, most of them are made in USA, where Ford controversies are up-to-date.
First category:  jokes about how useless and flimsy these cars actually made. It’s hard to tell whether it’s true or not, but it sure is hilarious. Some even try to sell you Chevy or something else.

Chevy and ford memes

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Second category is mocking all the people who build Fords, showing them stupid or handicapped. It doesn’t look respectful, but judging a joke is useless. Some of it can be true, but the qualification itself is what matters, not the abilities.

Third and sometimes the funniest Ford meme category suggests that only girls can buy Ford cars. You may say something anti-feminist, but frankly memes often making fun of stereotypes and that’s what makes them all-round funny. You don’t need to hate women to think that these jokes are funny, because they are funny in their stupidity.

Ford meme: F is for funny
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Ford meme: F is for funny
How Ford became a meme and why is it healthy to troll sometimes
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