Ghetto birthday meme

Ghetto memes are centered around anything you can find in African-american suburbs, often through the eyes of stereotypical suburbs citizens. Common and frequently used subjects somehow revolve around drugs, shootings, rap culture or squads.
Though they can be rough, the whole purpose is only having fun, never bashing and bullying someone addressing themselves as a part of ghetto culture.

Ghetto birthday meme

ghetto birthday meme  ghetto birthday meme  ghetto birthday meme  ghetto birthday meme
Often memes like these are based on catchy phrases like “when ur gurl…” or “_____ be like….”, or “Nigga what?”, creating it’s own attitude towards meme-makers. It means that you don’t have to live ghetto to make ghetto memes, because it is not something that you have to fully understand, Utopian society, and you can be a part of it if you follow all the instructions carefully.

Nowadays, making funny ghetto joke is even safer than trying on a so-called “blackface”, which actually doesn’t make sense to anyone who’s not African-american.

Here we have a broad collection of respectful and mindful memes, and we do not mean to harm anyone. Come for good laughs!

So close yet so far: ghetto memes
Article Name
So close yet so far: ghetto memes
Brief talk about ghetto memes and the controversial bullying aspect
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